Simply Painted Shetland & Miniature Horses

Located in Weston, Nebraska

Sales Policy

1.  Prices and/or availability may change at any time.  Prices listed on this website supersede any other adds.

2.  A $200 deposit is required upon agreement of purchase and is non refundable.  If you are unable to make a deposit immediately, the animal will remain for sale until a deposit is made or sold to another buyer.  Once a deposit is received, the animal will be marked as Sale Pending.

4.  Payments can be made for up to 3 months after the deposit is received and terms and conditions are to be decided between the buyer and the seller.  All animals MUST be Paid In Full before they will be allowed to leave the seller's possession.  (If final payment is made by check, allow up to 10 business days to guarantee funds.)

5.  Coggins and Health Papers are provided at no cost to the buyer for horses purchased over $1,000.  Any horse sold under $1,000, it is the buyers responsibility.

6.  30 days of free board is given to allow for transportation arrangements.  After 30 days, board is charged at $2 per day for outside board (grain and hay provided) and $4 per day for stall board (hay, grain, shavings, and daily turnout provided).  **Foals on their dam are not charged board.  Once they are weaned, boarding will be charged.**

7.  If payments are being made for longer then 30 days, board fees are due monthly unless another schedule is determined and agreed upon by both buyer and seller.  If buyer does not make a monthly installment for the cost of the animal and board fees, buyer will forfeit all received payments and the animal will be re-listed for sale.

 **Sales Policy is at the discretion of the seller, terms and conditions can be changed at anytime for any reason** 

I am glad to work with any one to help them get the horse they would like.  Please don't hesitate to message me! 

D.M. Bikeny Babe - 2005 AMHR Silver Bay Mare (38+") - Sold!